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The Credit People is a team of professional credit repair experts that will help you to fix your credit report and to improve your finances by increasing your credit score with ease

The Credit People Review - Features, Advantages & Pricing

The Credit People Overview

Are you looking through The Credit People reviews to get in-depth knowledge about their work and market reputation? If, YES, you’ve landed at the right article.

The Credit People is a team of credit experts that aims to fix credit and simultaneously raise their credit scores.

And if you’re thinking of using The Credit People to fix your credit repair, then you’ve probably made the right choice.

In this The Credit People review, I will give you an entire walkthrough about this company. So stay tuned because we’re going to start this wonderful journey of The Credit People.

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Who is The Credit People?

Credit people is not just an ordinary team of professionals; instead, they are known as “Credit Heroes” due to their outstanding performance and dedication.

The primary focus of credit people is to improve credit report and increase credit score through their outstanding credit repair services.

The company was founded in 2001, and with over 15+ years of experience, they have helped over a hundred thousand people to restore their credit and improve their finances.

Their team is highly certified in all the various laws that govern credit repair, including Fair Credit Reporting Act Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

They address the credit scores, pay attention to all the details that matter, and helps you to build your credit scores.

Overview of the Credit People Company

Here’s you can look at their 6 highly trained swat teams that will help you to repair your credit easily:

Several companies charge a hefty amount to get your credit repair fixed, but Credit People is not like any other companies. Instead, they focus on improving their team performance and services.

From free credit report to instant access, everything they do delivers an unmatched and excellent benefit to several people. There are 4 major benefits this company offers to all its users.

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A detailed information about the Credit Repair People

What Does The Credit Repair People Do?

Once you’ve planned and started your journey with The Credit People, they will find your credit reports from all three bureaus and instantly upload them into their dashboard.

Later on, the team will be assigned, and they will create a way forward plan of action to improve your credit report.

They’ll start their work and aggressively remove all the negative items from your report using this plan of action. The best part is that they will even address if you have any bankruptcies and judgments.

The primary focus of this company is to review your credit reports, thoroughly remove all your reports and fraudulent items that should have been reduced already.

When they find out all the negative items, they will send out a round of created dispute letter to your bureaus or the creditors asking them to remove these items.

However, there are chances that many items will require validation, but many customers get their success results after the very first round of disputes.

The Credit People will also connect with your creditors to negotiate with them to cease any collection stamps.

They will also offer other major services for any credit-related need that you need to be solved. For example: if you’re looking to update your credit report for a particular employer, they will be there ready to help you.

6 Exciting Features That You Must Know About The Credit People

The credit people have some of the most popular and outstanding service features that you should never miss at all. With over 15+ years of experience, they’ve put in their efforts and helped several people repair their credit.

Spending a great set of time and putting all their energy to develop credit repair services around your needs, credit people have become one of the best companies ever to find to increase your credit score.

With its popular services and exciting team of professionals, let us have a look at its popular features given below:

1. Affordable Pricing

While signing up for the credit people, you don’t have to pay any hidden or setup fees because all the services are included in their different plans.

Not only they are known for their affordable pricing, but also they’re the best credit repair company to fix and improve your credit report.

If you’re looking for another company, you’ll be surprised to find any other company that delivers excellent services to its users.

The pricing starts just for $19, which means it won’t break your bank account at all. However, after one month, it will change to $79 per month to continue their services.

2. Free Credit Reports and Scores

Did you know the credit people is the only company that provides free report and scores to its users? 

Yes, you’ll get free credit reports and credit scores directly from their professional team at the beginning of your service. 

They will help you from the beginning and solve all your every credit repair issue, and you’ll get your results within 60 days. 

The credit repair is the only company that does this job for you, and they will continue to deliver these services in your best interest.

3. Raises Your Credit Scores

Apart from focusing on removing negative items and solving all the credit issues, they focus on improving your credit score.

Even if it’s not linked with your credit, they will still help you with your credit repair to make sure it’s correct.

However, several lenders who take your credit report only determine the purchasing power of your credit score, but the credit people is not the same as lenders.

That is why they have developed a score driven philosophy to help you raise your credit score easily.

4. Goes Above And Beyond Credit Reports

If you’re organizing an important event such as an apartment application and looking for all the possible answers to these questions:

Don’t worry at all; the credit people will help you to give all the possible answers. Even if you want check assistance or employee assistance of your credit during their service, they will take care of all your problems. 

5. 24 Hour Account Access

They know how to work in a systemized manner and focus on believing the transparency of the work. 

They will let you know all the steps they are taking along the way. The best part you will find about the credit people is their online dashboard.

After spending countless time and energy in creating it, this online dashboard will help you in:

The 24-hour account access by this credit repair company will make your job easier for your credit report.

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6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not happy with their results, you don’t have to pay a single penny; that’s how the formula for the credit people works.

No Satisfaction = Not paying a single penny.

 Their 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can cancel your plan and won’t be charged for that month. Plus, the additional factor is they will refund your entire money for last month’s payment.

Isn’t it interesting? While this seems that the company is purely dedicated to the satisfaction of customers.

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How The Credit People Works?

The credit repair people will deliver fast results by saving a lot of time. In addition, they will solve every problem that you couldn’t do by yourself.

When it comes to credit repair services, this company is the best among all. Here’s a breakdown of how The Credit People works in three steps:

Step 1. Disputing Questionable Charges

Did you know repairing a credit repair takes few months than building a credit repair? Yes, this essentially helps when you’re looking to remove negative items from your credit reports.

The Credit People will put all their focus and efforts into finding all the questionable entries presented in your credit reports.

These entries include late payments, charge-offs, or the same negative items that are repeated several times.

Once you’ve signed up for an account with the Credit People, your account manager will keep an eye on your account and will help you to find all these kinds of problems in your credit report.

Step 2. Identify and Remove All the Inaccuracies

After disputing questionable charges and once your account manager has identified all the mistakes, the Credit People will come into the picture and start to work.

They will also contact your creditors or bureaus if they find it necessary, and this is where The Credit People prove who they are towards people.

Doing all this work by yourself will take a lot of hour or even months. However, their professionals already know how to negotiate with tour credit report agencies and their existing creditors.

These people will work on your credit report to remove all the errors that, in turn, will immediately improve your credit history.

Immediately means it will remove within 60 to 75 days, depending on the inaccuracies presented in your credit history.

It is said that The Credit People is amazing because it instantly improves the credit ratings of their customers by almost 30% within 60 days.

Step 3 – Offers a Personalized Plan

The mistakes and errors presented in your credit report will pull down your credit score, and that’s more than you don’t know at all!

The Credit People knows exactly what will happen. So besides making changes in your credit score, this credit repair company will also give their personalized plan to skyrocket your credit history ahead.

They will take all your credit bureaus files and load your data into their online account for 24/7 instant access.

Once they have done this procedure, a credit repair analyst will discuss all the errors and help you develop a strategy to deliver better credit.

This is done simply by using your unique information, and you won’t get any email or advice regarding late payments and other things.

Once the process is completed, and The Credit People will give you the results within 60 days to make you feel sure. If not, they will give you the entire money back without a doubt.

Pros and Cons of The Credit People

Firstly let us talk about the pros and cons of The Credit People:



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What I Like About The Credit People

The Credit People offers a lot more than just repairing your credit report. Here are some features that I like about this credit repair company:

1. A 7-Day Trial At $19

The 7-day trial period offered by The Credit People will walk you through the entire platform without keeping the burden on your bank account. 

You will have to pay a starting setup fee of $19, which is extremely low than other credit repair companies out there. 

If you’ve never tried the repair agency before, this seven-day trial will deliver a lot of benefit to your credit report. 

During this first week, you’ll see the status of your credit history. However, if you have minor negative items or inaccuracies to dispute, you can easily handle all the deletion by yourself without The Credit People.

2. Affordable Pricing

The flat-rate payment of the Credit People is $419 up-front and will cover all the major things that a normal monthly membership is offering. 

The Credit People says proudly on their website that the average credit repair program takes 6 to 7 months to complete and fix all your errors. 

Let’s do some basic calculations:
The monthly rate of this program = $79
Duration = 6 months 

So if you’re looking to pay a monthly fee for straight six months, then it would be: $79 x 6 = $474

If you’ve gone for the Flat Rate program, you would have saved $55 in your pocket. However, the 6-month Flat Rate program is the best for people who want to repair their credit straightforwardly without any hassle. 

Plus, the setup fees of $19 is a unique service offered by leading credit repair companies like Lexington Law and Sky Blue, which charge $70 as a setup fee.

3. No Hidden Fees

The simplicity value of The Credit People is undoubtedly amazing. You won’t have to pay any extra fees or hidden fees to grab the additional features for your credit repair. 

All you have to do is pay the single upfront price based purely on the monthly plan, and that’s it; you’re good to go. 

However, some credit repair companies charge additional fees for this, but The Credit People will deliver a great set of benefits and features without a doubt. 

4. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The money-back-guarantee of the Credit People is what I like the most because it offers two major benefits:

  1. You know you will get all your money back if the company fails to remove negative items from your credit report and improves your credit score
  2. If Credit People is giving a money-back guarantee, it must have serious confidence about fixing and improving your credit score

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What I Don't Like About The Credit People

As you all know, if the Credit People has advantages, then it might be some cons that you haven’t found out yet. If you don’t know, here are some things that I don’t like about this credit repair company:

1. No individual Advisor

Several other major credit repair companies assign you with a personal advisor, who become your primary contact whenever you speak with the company. 

However, in The Credit People, they have a team of professionals who will help you, but this can be a disadvantage.

Because here, you will be talking over with a different advisor every time, which can be a risk. This alone can frustrate the consumers, and certainly when you’re in distressing situations.

2. Limited Customer Service

Many companies like Lexington Law and The Sky Blue Credit Repair provides 24/7 customer support to all their consumers. 

On the other hand, the Credit People’s customer support usually works during business hours, i.e. Monday to Friday – 9 am to 5 pm.

However, you’ll be able to get little customer support outside these business hours, but several customers claimed that it is not 24/7 as promised to them.

3. Fewer Educational Content

Several companies provide various educational content on the sites to their customers. It is because customers want to learn some additional information while looking to hire a credit repair company.

The lack of major educational content on The Credit People’s website is a major concern to all users. 

But you can find good credit repair resources that deliver useful information to their users on the web so that it wouldn’t affect much at all for me. 

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The Credit People Pricing

The Credit People helps people to turn their bad credit report into a good one. They deliver what they promise to all its users. The company has several credit repair experts that analyze your credit reports and improves quickly.

It then makes a plan on how to remove inaccuracies from your credit report. They keep their process simple.

There are two different membership plans in The Credit People pricing:

  1. Monthly Membership. $19 startup fee & $79 a month
  2. Flat Rate Membership. $419

Credit People offers only one service plan to all its customers, so you don’t have to scratch your mind about the services and money you have to pay.

Basically, they have divided their services into two parts. First, if you’re looking to pay every month, you can pay and cancel anytime. 

And if you’re sure that you’ll require their services for almost six months, the Flat Rate membership will help you save a great amount of money which is $74.

No matter which membership plan you select for your credit report, you’ll get instant 24-hour access to your account, multiple free credit reports, unlimited disputes and more. 

And if you sign up your spouse, you’ll get an additional discount of $20 on both plans within three days. 

Beyond affordable pricing, The Credit People offers interesting features to the people:

3,409 people have signed up last month,
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How To Sign-Up In The Credit People?

The process of signing up on The Credit People is very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Firstly, signup on to their official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button.
  3. Next, provide all the essential information as requested in the registration form.
  4. After filling in all the details, tick the small box to agree to their terms and conditions. 
  5. However, make sure that you read their terms before ticking the box. It will then take you to the next step.
  6. You will then receive an activation email.
  7. Once you activate it, you can then select your desired membership package to get started.

The entire process will take less than 5 minutes of your time. If you’re facing any problem, you can contact their customer support to resolve your queries.

The Credit People: Availability

Available in 50 States and Washington D.C. 

New Jersey
South Carolina
New Hampshire

Rhode Island

West Virginia

North Dakota
South Dakota
New Mexico

New York
North Carolina
District of Colombia

The Credit People VS Competitors

1. The Credit People VS Sky Blue Credit Repair

When it comes to talking about the competition, the monthly membership plan of The Credit People and the standard packages of The Sky Blue Credit Repair have the same charges.

However, the registration fee of The Credit People is $19, which is cheaper than the registration fee of the Sky Blue Credit Repair, which is $79.

2. The Credit People VS Credit Saint

If you’re facing several more issues than the Credit People can handle, I would suggest that you go with Credit Saint as your primary alternative.

While Credit Saint is expensive, it does have more thorough and detailed plans to help the customers solve their issues easily. Plus, the unique selling point of Credit Saint is they offer a free credit consultation to their customers.

3. The Credit People VS Lexington Law

If you’re comparing The Credit People and Lexington Law, The Credit People is cheaper and affordable than Lexington Law.

However, its competitors offer several credit repair service options to meet the clients’ requirements, varying from basic to aggressive credit repair services.

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Yes, The Credit People company offers an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee to all its users. If you’re not happy with their services, they will refund your last monthly payment and will not charge a single hidden fee for the current month.

No, The Credit People is a reputable and reliable credit repair company. However, it’s still not accredited by Better Business Bureau; it delivers excellent results for its customers.

This credit repair company charges a standard flat fee for its services, so you won’t have to worry about your bill.
The Credit People charges a monthly fee of $79 and a setup fee of $19. However, if you’re looking to stay long term with this company, you can pay $419 directly.

The average duration of the credit repair program entirely depends upon person to person. However, according to The Credit People, they claim that customers get their results within 60 days of their credit repair program.

The Credit People takes effective measures to secure the customer’s information on the website. The company uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on every page where personal information is mentioned.”

What Customers Has to Say About The Credit People?

“I had been with another company in the past that was charging me and I was doing most of the work. You took care of everything for me and got me great results too.”
Stacy R.
“I’m very pleased with the service, my credit was in bad shape. I’m about to close on a house. The service is excellent and fast.”
Cedric W
“I can't believe what you've done. I am not the easiest person to reach and I'm definitely not the most organized (which is why I went with your company honestly) but you managed to raise my credit score by 72 points, so I'm happy!”
Mike G

The Credit People Review: Is It The Best Company For You?

So in conclusion if I have to say something about The Credit People reviews, all I have to say is that it is an amazing credit repair company to fix all your issues with your credit report.

With over 15+ years of experience in helping several people to raise their credit score. The Credit People is highly customer-centric and works efficiently to help clients build their credit report with utmost ease.

They follow a simple and result-driven process that delivers an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see your results in 60 days, you can easily cancel your membership and get a full refund without any questions asked.

The Credit People have established a massive and strong reputation in the credit repair industry with its stunning features and dedicated team of credit repair experts.

It has a simple pricing structure, as it offers only one credit repair plan that can be paid either monthly or six months at a time.

Plus, the additional factor is that you’ll work with highly-trained and certified credit advisors to help you with all your credit repair issues.

Despite having some disadvantages, they provide a professional credit repair service that you could easily use to skyrocket your credit score.

I also love their various features and customized credit score approach, making this one of the best credit repair companies.

They are primarily known for their amazing customer service and outstanding results. The Credit People Reviews of customers has also been encouraging. So if you’re looking for reliable credit repair services within your balance, The Credit People review gets an approval from me, it is a great service to try!

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