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Credit Repair has been one of the tedious and fruitless tasks with a few credit repair businesses. But some of the handpicked credit repair services help you fix the credit repair most easily and fruitfully possible; one among those is Ovation Credit Repair. We have been testing credit repair companies for over a decade now. If we had to handpick some of the best credit repair companies, Ovation credit repair would have been one of the top 5 credit repairs that we recommend. Continue reading to know why we have to say this for the Ovation Credit Repair reviews.

Overview of Ovation Credit Repair Reviews

Hinging to our word, we have seen fruitful results with Ovation Credit Repair; the experience has been grateful. The program helped us fix almost 20 credit inaccuracies from our list, and we are happy with the services. The best part is when we realized that Ovation Credit Repair has partnered with TransUnion and was founded by LendingTree, one of the established and well-known loans and financing companies. 

When we contacted Ovation Credit Repair, we were surprised to realize the call is directly forwarded to a credit repair expert. To be honest, we were suspecting a lengthy process where the call center person would try to sell one of their plans, lure us into offers, and then when we successfully subscribe to one of their plans, and we would be directed to a credit repair expert on board. But that wasn’t true at all. Besides, the credit repair expert was more understandable and knowledgeable about the process.

One of the best scenarios was when we tested the credit repair expert at Ovation Credit Repair with a hypothetical situation of bad credit. Our goal was to check if the expert can answer our question, and to our surprise, the answer was perfect, which made us trust the Ovation Credit repair, and we proceeded for further tests. 

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About Ovation Credit Repair Reviews

Accredited for almost two decades, Ovation Credit Repair has a rating of A+ on BBB. Ovation has been in business for more than 30 years and has a dedicated group of credit experts assigned to each individual. It is headquartered in Florida and is well-known for fixing low credit scores and bad credit history. 

Ovation Credit Repair has been trustful though there are several, around 52 complaints on BBB, but most of them are solved and fixed by Ovation Credit Repair. When we contacted the professional team, they assured us of the confusion. We have lately seen such situations with most of the credit repair companies where they cannot do much with the consumer’s current score because of the bad debt or improper financial management. 

Besides, the technical person I was in touch with has helped me boost scores by analyzing the numbers and not just using the machine algorithms. 

This is what I like the most about the Ovation Credit Repair company. The service manually looks into the numbers and does not just rely on the computer to find the inaccuracies. We still use Ovation Credit Repair to solve most of our credit inaccuracies and recommend it to our clients. 

Features of the Program

Most of the credit repair companies charge you higher than the services, which we feel non-righteous. Though the Ovation Credit Repair charges are a bit higher than the other credit repair companies, the services offered are reliable and trustable. Starting at a base price of $79, you can fix your credit score in the least time possible, saving you money in the long run by shortening the program duration. 

We like the most about Ovation Credit Repair because they feature same-day service, which none of the credit repair companies offers. The same-day service prioritizes the consumer’s needs and then offers much more dedicated solutions to fix the credit soon. 

Offering a same-day service is not the only way Ovation credit repair prioritizes the clients. They also offer a one-to-one service where a credit repair expert from the team is assigned dedicatedly to the consumer such that the client gets undivided attention. Most credit repair companies assign a single credit repair expert to more clients who do not add more value to the clients’ needs and do not prioritize them. Ovation Credit Repair encourages client priority and offers them one-to-one customer service on the same day. 

Anyone can file a dispute, you can do it too with DisputeBee, but sometimes there are situations when you need to send more customizable dispute and goodwill letters. Ovation Credit Repair does the perfect job in such cases, and the credit expert creates personalized credit dispute letters for inaccurate, misleading, incomplete, and/or unverifiable in any way. 

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Pricing For Ovation Credit Repair

There are not many plans and confusion when it is about choosing the Ovation Credit Repair. You can either go with the essential plan or the essential plus plan.

Essential Plus Plan (Most Recommended)

Essential Plan

Pros and Cons

There can be both downside and upside to each service; that said, Credit Saint also has some advantages and disadvantages. Let me list them out for you.




We happily rate Ovation Credit Repair a rating of 4.7/5.0 for the services and the impeccable support and work. The credit team is perfectly knowledgeable, and experts are kind enough to solve all your doubts and queries before charging for them. 



Yes, it is awesome & legit! The Ovation Credit Repair reviews also say the same. It has a good brand value in the market.

Yes, The Ovation Credit Repair service has a A+ rating on BBB & gets a 4 star review by customers.

The pricing of Ovation Credit Repair is very simple with customer having two plans ($109 for Essential Plus & $79 for Essential Plan) to chose from along with a first work fee of $89

Final Words

Overall, we find Ovation Credit Repair as one of the best credit repair companies, and there is no doubt the services are great. Along with our review , Ovation credit repair customer reviews are also great. The best alternatives to this credit repair are Sky Blue Credit Repair, The Credit Pros, and The Credit People. Besides, credit repair services have better credit planning and solutions.

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