Overview of the Sky Blue Credit Repair Program

Sky blue has been the most professional credit repair program and guarantees a faster process. Though I don’t recommend people to opt for the credit repair programs because they trap you into their money-making business, sky blue is not the same. 

It is a fully trustable and working credit repair program that does the right job for you. 

To my surprise, when I called the Sky Blue team back in 2016, it was not an automated call or automated service that asked me for the information and hung up. They attend to your calls in person and interact with you to know the exact problem. 

I remember this because the technical person who attended me was highly trained and full of knowledge; he just knew what the problem was and the right process. 

Overview of Skyblue Credit Repair program

The representatives have polite but intelligent guidance about improving the credit score and getting back our financial positions. They are so good that half of my “How to repair credit guide” is inspired by them. 

About the Sky Blue Service

When I approached an XYZ (Won’t like to name it) credit repair company before I approached Sky blue and 14 other credit repair companies, they asked me to send the credit report, and their systems would find the disputes and review the credit report. 

It was all a number game by the software and not a dedicated person with a hardcore check. So, I approached Sky Blue the very day and tricked them into asking if they would use software for auditing my credit report. 

I must admit, I was stunned to know. 

The technical person I was talking to on the phone call was a top-level expert who ensured that the credit reports would be checked line-by-line by a professional or a top-level expert. They also added this was not a part of the premium packages. 

I had a conversation with 12 different credit repair companies, and most of them asked for the extra money for a specially dedicated expert on the credit report.

Even in 2021, I am using Sky Blue Credit Services and they still amaze me. 

Features of the Program

There are several errors on your credit reports that will pull your credit score down and make your financial position a bit more worsen. Getting a home for rent or opting for a loan won’t be ever easy. 

The same was my situation with 50 negative items listed on my credit reports; 49 to be honest, because my sister bought herself a few clothes on my credit card that I had no idea about. 

Then comes Sky Blue credit, which depleted over 35 negative disputes from my credit report, and it was surprising. 

Features of skyblue credit repair program

I loved their technique of not sending the dispute letters only to the three bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Still, they also send dispute letters to the creditors who listed the item. And all of this is a manual process by a dedicated expert assigned to your credit report. 

The service is limited to disputes, and they have a thorough check to keep your credit score up by having regular analysis and opportunities. All you need to do is pay for the membership/subscription and be worry-free about your credit score.

Get your Credit Fixed With Sky Blue Credit Repair and Boost Your Credit Score Like Never Before.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Program – Pros & Cons



Sky Blue Credit Repair Program – Pros & Cons

Sky blue has no additional or hidden charges on their profile. It cost you $79 per month after your first 6 days trial period. You have to pay $79 per month until the end of your program.

There is also a special discount if you sign up as a couple. You pay only $119 instead of 158 dollars. Or put it in this way, your partner gets to pay only $40 per month when you sign up as a couple. 

It is a 90 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied as a client, which is great because no questions are asked, and there are no cancellation fees.

Additionally, you can opt for the service free for the first 6 days and take a test drive on how the Sky Blue credit repair program works and if it is the right choice for you. 


We would give a 4.0 out of 5 ratings for credit repairing services and it is one of the best on the board. It has helped me to solve 35 negative disputes from my credit report which is also why I love using it even in 2021.