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Restoring Credit is not an easy task, and there are limited options when it is about the best credit repair companies. Credit Repair is one of the results-driven credit repair companies that we have been using for three years, and the results have left us speechless. It has a set of amazing services and helped us fix almost ten inaccuracies from one of our friend’s credit summaries.

What sets apart from others is the expert level of treatment, and they make sure to use their best leg forward to fix the bad credit scores.

When you visit, you get to evaluate the credit report for free and also get a free credit summary. does the job perfectly, and interacting with the experts has also helped us curate the Credit Repair Guide that helps you fix the credit scores with little to no help.

Overview of has been one of the trusted services we have been using for the past three years. Over a decade, we have been testing several credit repair companies to present our audience with the best ones, and has been one of our top recommendations all the time. You can also check for Sky Blue Credit or The Credit People, which we recommend to all. 

Back in 2018, one of our friends had been facing a bad financial situation. The credit score slipped below 500, and there was so little that our friend can too. When he consulted us, we found it a perfect opportunity to test, and if there were no results, we still had the “Sky Blue Credit Repair” ready, which has always stood up to our expectations. 

We called, and the expert on the other end of the call redirected the call to one of their experts. Surprisingly, we didn’t ask him to do so, but maybe it was their company’s policy to greet and forward to Credit Experts only. 

An overview of the credit repair company has a well and knowledgeable team of credit repair experts that we have experienced. Our first test was to check the credit repair experts’ knowledge on call, and to no surprise, they did as we have heard about it; flawlessly expert. 

Over a month after subscribing to one of their plans, we found they had already cleared three of the list’s inaccuracies in the first round. In the following months, they could successfully remove ten inaccuracies from our credit report, which was great work from their end. The credit score boosted over 660; we are still surprised and keep encountering them with multiple credit repair tasks. does the job in three simple steps –

About th credit repair company

About has been in business since 1997, and they are not accredited to BBB ratings. However, we conducted a small survey to know how Credit Repair does the job of solving bad credit entries, and our research team did a great job.

We collected over 100 surveys from the consumers who have opted for services at, and the stats have left us an open jaw. The average number of people say they could find a 40 points increase in their credit scores only after the first month of subscribing to the credit repair plans. The majority of the consumers who used suggests and recommends as a go-to service for fixing bad scores. 

Speaking of refunds that most of the consumers worry about when the credit is not repaired as per the promise, CreditRepair does ensure that the refund is given back to the consumers if they do no work. Besides, if certain work is done and yet there are no results, will initiate partial refunds for the work not done. It is well suited to try their service over six months to notice the massive credit summary changes.

Features has been one of the top companies that ensure to remove erroneous data and other possible removals. Many credit repair companies work online and offline and check the credit report using machine algorithms, but sometimes machine algorithms may miss vague credit entries. checks each entry manually and looks for possible removals by disputing and goodwill letters.

The first you notice when you visit is you get Free Credit Consultation. The free 10 minutes credit consultation helps you get a credit summary from all three bureaus, and the summary can then be used to find the disputes. 

Some features of the credit repair company

Credit repair companies rarely offer a discount, but most of the time, you can find discounts on up to 50% in some cases. This is something that sets apart from other credit repair companies. 

When you surf and review most of the credit repair companies, you can easily find that they are good at solving low credit scores. Still, they don’t specify an education resource that can help you solve your own credit inaccuracies. also has credit education resources where they specify guides and hacks on how to fix and maintain credit scores. We also have a set of credit repair resources; you can check our guide on Credit Repair. 

Pros and Cons

There can be both downside and upside to each service; that said, Credit Saint also has some advantages and disadvantages. Let me list them out for you.



Ratings is one of the best credit companies we have tested, and we would rate it 4.7/5.0 overall, and there are no complaints from our end. 


Final Words is one of the best credit repair services that we have been using since 2018. It has helped us get over ten credit inaccuracies and boosts the credit scores. The secret to getting results from is patience and for almost six months.