Sky Blue Credit Repair Complaints

Sky Blue Credit Repair has been one of the oldest and most trusted credit repair companies. But does it work for users like you and me? There was only one way to find this out, knowing the user experience. We researched Sky Blue Credit Repair Complaints and contacted a few of our friends who have used this service to understand their experience.

But before heading to the case studies, what exactly is Sky Blue Credit Repair, and why is it so hyped? Let’s know the overview first.

Overview of Sky Blue Credit Repair

Founded in 1989, Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the oldest companies that has been resolving credit issues for three decades.

Your credit reports may have some inaccuracies that you may find as standard entries and overlook, but these are the same negative information that decreases your credit score. Sky Blue Credit Repair has been serving its purpose in solving your credit score issues and improving your credit ratings.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Sky Blue Credit Repair now primarily serves its clients online. So, you need not go to their office, leaving all your work and get the job done over a call or the dashboard. All you need to do is sign up with a membership plan, import your credit report, and let the professionals take it from there.

Sky Blue Credit Repair is also the best because it offers something that other credit repair companies don’t; No question asked money-back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the Sky Blue Credit Repair service, all you need to do is contact them and ask for a refund. But the only condition is, you have to ask for a refund before 90 days.

In addition to the refund policy, there is something more that Sky Blue Credit Repair offers.

  • If you need a break, you can pause your membership.
  • Want to cancel your account? Contact the Sky Blue Credit support team, and they will do it instantly.
  • Plan to buy a home? Let Sky Blue Credit know before 90 days, and they will clear your mortgage disputes.

Overall, Sky Blue Credit Repair has been one of the oldest and most trusted credit repair companies.

But how do we measure its quality? By the results and user experiences. So, we started with the BBB rating for Sky Blue Credit, and here is our take.

BBB Rating (Sky Blue Credit Repair Complaints)

BBB (Better Business Bureau) is the marketplace to resolve issues between the customers and businesses. So, it would be a great place to start with case studies.

Some relevant information –

Average Rating by Clients/Customers – 4.27/5
Years in Business – 31 Years

Reviews on BBB -

When we started reading the user reviews and their experiences, we were shocked to see that most people were happy with the service, and there was no negative comment. Sky Blue Credit Repair responded to every negative review and resolved the problem by initiating the refund or contacting the client.

The best part was when users also replied with a positive response to this gesture.

We handpicked some of the reviews from our research to make it easier for you to understand how the Sky Blue Credit Repair has performed.

Case Study 1: Katerinara (Latest review / 2020)

Katerinara has been using Sky Blue Credit Repair for years, and here is what she points out in her BBB review –

  • Had scores as low as possible and removing negative information could not improve the score as well.
  • With Sky Blue Credit Repair, all the credit scores are now above 700.
  • Fixed credit score for both Katerinara and her husband.
  • Sky Blue Credit gave a separate credit card that had to be paid monthly as a temporary replacement.
  • Taught how to build credit on my own.

Sky Blue Credit has similar positive responses by most of its users on BBB ratings. They have been the most popular credit repair companies on the list with a maximum of positive response. But they did have some users who were not happy; let us look at how Sky Blue Credit Repair helped them with an answer on BBB rating.

Case Study 2: Anthony R (Latest review / 2020)

Anthony R was not satisfied with the Sky Blue Credit Repair service, and here is what he had pointed out –

  • Paid $79/Mo for 5 Months
  • No proof of work done and no change in credit score

Sky Blue Credit Repair Response: The customer made three payments. We contacted him and refunded all payments instantly upon request. Thank you.

This is what we were talking about earlier. The 90 days refund policy will be initiated with no questions asked. So, if your credit score is not fixed, you get your money back, and it is a win-win situation.

But it is not like Sky Blue Credit Repair always works. There are some cases when they are not able to fix the credit score of their clients. We also checked the complaint section on BBB to find what the disappointed clients had to say about Sky Blue Credit Repair.

Complaints on BBB -

First of all, Sky Blue Credit Repair is a remarkable credit repair service. It has only ten complaints, out of which only three are meaningful, and the rest are answered politely and with a solution.

We picked a few complaints to let our audience know how Sky Blue Credit Repair deals with such situations.

Case Study 3: Advertising/Sales Issues

The complaint was regarding the 90 days refund policy. The customer was not satisfied with the Sky Blue Credit Repair Service and wanted a return. Still, the support communicated that it was only when the problem existed with the representative.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Response: Done instantly upon request. Our refund policy is condition free. We apologize for this unfortunate communication issue on the part of one of our reps.

There are times when there is a miscommunication between the support and the customer. Sky Blue Credit Repair instantly solved this query by refunding, and the customer was happy. The customer also stated that the representative had accepted the mistake.

Sky Blue Credit Repair has an excellent track record and positive reviews on BBB. What we found more interesting was there are only ten complaints from the past 31 years and which are all resolved by Sky Blue Credit Repair. This shows how trustworthy the company is and why clients have to choose them.

But we did not rush to Sky Blue Credit Repair only by reading the reviews and complaints on BBB. We wanted something more, to be sure. So, we also checked consumer affairs to get the reviews on Sky Blue Credit Repair.

Consumer Affairs Rating

One thing we love the most about consumer affairs is verified review and verified buyer. So, no one can add a review to defame the company and give other users a negative insight. Also, a single user cannot spam the review section with repeated negative reviews and make the company look bad.

We started with the review section,

One Star reviews

We could only find five reviews where the users have rated 1 star for the Sky Blue Credit Repair business. Most of these reviews were regarding how Sky Blue Credit Repair did not help fix the credit score and account management. One of the reviews was responded to by Sky Blue Credit, and the issue was solved

Two Star reviews

Only one user had a few complaints with Sky Blue Credit Repair, and after a few times, the user increased the stars, and there are no users with a 2-star review on Sky Blue Credit Repair.

Three Star reviews

There are only two reviews with a 3-star rating on Sky Blue Credit Repair, and we are shocked to see such a positive response. Out of 117 responses, only two reviews for three stars and zero reviews for two stars rating.

Four Plus Star reviews

Out of 117 responses, 110 responses are above four stars rating.

Overall rating4.8/5 Stars

Consumer Affairs rating boosted our confidence in Sky Blue Credit Repair, and we were shocked to find such a positive response from users. There are zero/two-stars and only five/one-star reviews. We trust consumer affairs as they verify every review and also have moderators who check for inappropriate or inaccurate reviews that are made falsely.

Pros and Cons of Sky Blue Credit Repair

Pros –

  • Fast results (6 Months)
  • 90 days money-back guarantee, no questions asked
  • Monthly fees
  • Positive responses by the support team
  • Refunds initiated for customers with complaints.

Cons –

  • Not for everyone
  • Results are not guaranteed

Final Verdict

Sky Blue Credit Repair has turned out to be one of the best credit repair services. They have been in service for 31 long years (3 decades) and only have “10 complaints” about their service. This result is astonishing. The best part was that Sky Blue Credit Repair company responded and answered all the complaints and reviews with appropriate solutions.